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Useful tips to get by in Bali 



Tourists always bargain.  99% of the time you will get a discount, except I shopped in a fashion boutique in Kuta once and the salesman had to call up his boss to ask for permission to give me 5% discount. 

Conclusion is: always try!  No harm.. well.. of course not in fixed-price supermarket or chain like Guardian drugstore.

How much you can bargain?  Start with a price that's less than half of the beginning price, say, 40%.   Always ask for how much per piece first so that you can ask for bulk discount later.  You can often end up paying around 50% of the opening price.  If you can do better than me, please do let me know what is the real price.  :-) 


It will help if you know these words:

Restaurant menu:

Though many restaurant menu are in English, knowing these words help you to recognize famous dishes like Nasi Goreng (rice with deep fried food) or Mie goreng (noodle with deep fried food).

  • goreng - deep fried
  • roti - kind of bread
  • nasi - rice
  • mie, bihun, bakmie - noodle
  • soto - soup
  • ayam - chicken
  • daging, sapi - beef
  • babi, daging babi - pork
  • domba - lamb
  • udang - prawn
  • telur - egg


  • pasar - market



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