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Sightseeing in Bali 


Southern Bali


This the "big city" which most tourists won't visit -- but if you do you'll find large department stores, art centers, museums and cheap market in Jl. Sulawesi.


If you are not staying in Sanur you might still want to visit.  Modern and prosperous community lives there, both locals and expatriates, but it is also home of the magic or "sorcerer" community.


This is the big beach strip town that every sea-side resort location in the world seems to have.  Right next door is Legian which is these days just a continuation of the same town.  Fund millions of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops provide for everything you can think of.  This is also a favoured spot amongst the many surfing visitors to the island so you'll find surf shops, and lots of surfer-boys and girls.


An ex fishing village that has in the last few years been turned into sea-food-central.  Nothing much to do here except eat in one of the many restaurants on the beach and watching the planes land in the distance as you can see the international airport from the beach.  There is a reef offshore so you get protection if you want to swim, no big waves here.  Excellent sunsets too.

Uluwatu Temple

An ultimate picture post card event -- the temple out on the rocks.








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