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Putri Bali Hotel 


Putri Bali Hotel

Putri Bali Hotel is located at Nusa Dua along the beach with Grand Hyatt Bali Hotel on its left.

Again, after our morning swim in the Grand Hyatt, we wanted to go somewhere else to have lunch.  We know that there are many hotels adjacent to the Grand Hyatt along the beach so this time we turned right at the beach and within 2 minutes walk there is Putri Bali Hotel.

Putri Bali Hotel has 2 swimming pools - the small one has the shallowest part of 0.6m deep so it's suitable for young kids.  It used to be a problem for us when our son couldn't tread water and deep swimming pool is not so fun for him.

We passed the swimming pools and walked into the hotel garden.  The garden is nicely done with statues around. 

Most of the hotel restaurants, however, look very dead.  They are dark and closed.  We ate in one that's closest to the beach.  We ordered one fish and chip but the fish was overcooked, one green salad with ham and chicken with some shell pasta and one spaghetti Bolognaise with stale garlic bread, all for Rp200,000.  It's about half the price of Grand Hyatt's restaurant but I presume there are not enough customers dining in the hotel so some food are not fresh. 

A few days later, we saw some tourists walked along a public road between Putri Bali Hotel and Bali Hilton Hotel so we decided to follow.  We then discovered that there is a small village which has about half dozen restaurants serving Balinese and international cuisines all within 10 minutes walk.  That explain why most hotel restaurants don't get much business.

Putri's hotel lobby is on the first floor. (more likely the public road is higher than the beach so the lobby entrance becomes the first floor compare to the sea level)  The lobby is very big with gigantic Garuda's statues on all corners.  But because it's very big and not enough lighting it tends to look a bit dark.

The Putri Hotel seems to be quite popular with westerners compare to the Grand Hyatt.  Maybe that's why there are signs around the swimming pool stating no topless sunbathing is allowed.


Swimming pool: 2 swimming pools with the shallowest part 0.6m
Along the beach:  
Garden: good
Restaurants: cheaper than other 5 star hotel restaurants but the quality varies
Other Facilities:  
Pictures: Pictures of Putri Bali Hotel



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