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        Grand Hyatt Resort Bali       


Grand Hyatt Resort Bali

We went to Grand Hyatt Resort Bali twice.  The first time was 6 months after Bali got bombed and the whole world is overwhelmed with worry for SARS.  Kuta was so quiet and there were hardly any tourists walked around there.  Grand Hyatt was probably desperate so there was this package deal that, we paid standard room price but upgrade to the Grand Club rooms.  There is a difference!

When you first arrive the Grand Hyatt, you will be welcome by their gong, a lady will come out and put a ring of flowers around your neck.  If you book a Grand Club room you will be led to the Club lounge to check in and have your welcome drink there. 

If you ask what's the difference between standard room guests and Grand Club guests, here is the difference.

Hotel rooms

Grand Club guests:
Rooms have better feature than standard guest rooms.  Ask for the one with L-shaped seating coz the room is not a boring rectangular shaped.  There is a wooden shutter between the room and bath tub so it feels more spacious if you leave the shutter open. If you have young children, you can even request they turn the L-shaped seats to a bed.  It's very spacious for a 7-year old.

Standard guests:
I haven't stayed in one so I don't know but will imagine it's the standard rectangular block room.

Breakfast Restaurant

Grand Club guests:
You will have buffet breakfast in the Club lounge.  The club lounge is a raised wooden platform in the middle of the pond.  You can feed the fish or watch the herons catching fish in the pond.

Standard guests:
Breakfast in Garden Restaurant.  You can't have breakfast in the Club lounge.

Tea Buffet

Grand Club guests:
Tea buffet is free in the Club Lounge for club guests.  Drinks and food on the buffet table are free unless you order food from the a la carte menu.

As my son loves to spend time by the beach and in the pool, we had tea in the lounge most days.

Standard guests:
No free tea buffet.

Swimming pool

Grand Club guests:
There is a 2-level landscape pool for the club guests only, nice and quiet.

Free mineral water is provided to the guests from time to time.

Standard guests:
You can access any pool except the club pool.


Swimming pools in Grand Hyatt Bali

The Grand Club Pool

The Grand Club pool is for Grand Club members only and it has two levels.  The lower level is bigger than the upper one which is tiny,  rocky and shaded by plants and bushes.  Itís not really for swimming.  Itís more like for sitting in the water under the shade to stay cool sort of pool.  The lower pool that face the sea has more sun in the afternoon.  The other side is completely shaded by the hotel building and it can be breezy and cool in Baliís ďwinterĒ afternoon.

Free mineral water is given out to guests from time to time.

Watching Balinese Cultural Shows

We booked a table in the Pasar Sengon restaurant in the Grand Hyatt because they had arranged a Barong dance there.  We had a little problem with booking because we had only 3 people and they didnít have small table.  They want us to share the table with others which we found it not acceptable.  I mean, itís a 5 star hotel and whenís the last time you share a table in the restaurant in a hotel.  Not to mention the buffet costs $xxxxk per person.  In the end, they promised to arrange a small table for us and the location is not bad for watching the dance so it was sorted out in the end.  As for the food, there are kiosks for spicy food, traditional Balinese dishes like chicken and beef satays.  There is seafood BBQ which serves lobsters, king prawns and stuff like that.  But if you have tried most of the Balinese dishes already, you are down to the choice of pasta, salad and then desserts.  As this is the seventh day of our holiday already, weíre not excited by Balinese food any more and so it seems we havenít much choice of food.  The Barong dance is a decent show.  Only that if you go with young children and they are not familiar with Asian gods, they may be scared by the masks the performers wear.  You may want to show them postcards of these shows first to let them (or you) to have some ideas what it will be like.

Pictures of Grand Hyatt Resort in Bali

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