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Club Med Bali     


Club Med Bali

After I visited the Club Med in Bali, I am so glad that I never tried their package or I will be very disappointed.

Club Med Bali is located at Nusa Dua in Bali.  I always thought it's very posh because it sounds like a private club and their packages are always more expensive than the others.  But when I happened to walk along the beach at Nusa Dua and pass Club Med, it looks more like a children's summer camp!

The swimming pools are of boring rectangular blocky shaped and they are not that big.

I walked pass something like a restaurant or it's more like a canteen in the university.

There was a school hall looking area with a stage so I presume that's where they have performance.

In short, the facilities in this Club Med in Bali looks canteen quality, mass produced and no personal touch.  I am not impressed at all.

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