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 Patra Bali Resort & Villas      


Despite Patra Bali Resort & Villas is at a stone-throw distance to the Denpasar airport, it's peace and quiet.


20060711-bali 012.jpg
Patra Bali reception
20060711-bali 014.jpg
hotel lobby
20060711-bali 017.jpg
family suite
20060711-bali 018.jpg
family suite
20060712-bali 073.jpg
swimming pool
20060712-bali 094.jpg
watch aeroplanes
when sit by
the beach
20060712-bali 074.jpg

20060712-bali 083.jpg

20060712-bali 104.jpg
swimming pool
20060712-bali 099.jpg
hawkers and
massagers waiting
at the beach
20060712-bali 103.jpg

20060718-bali 653.jpg
hawker on
the beach
20060718-bali 643.jpg
nice Balinese
20060715-bali 355.jpg

20060715-bali 357.jpg

20060715-bali 359.jpg
stone statue
20060715-bali 360.jpg

20060715-bali 361.jpg

20060715-bali 362.jpg

20060715-bali 391.jpg

20060715-bali 405.jpg

20060715-bali 406.jpg

20060715-bali 408.jpg

20060715-bali 414.jpg

20060715-bali 418.jpg

20060715-bali 441.jpg

20060715-bali 444.jpg


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