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Eating in Bali / Bali Restaurants



In Bali, most restaurants serve Indonesian plus international cuisines except a very few serve Indonesian food only.  Restaurants are very competitive there coz the always cluster together, easily half dozen to more than ten in one street. 

Bali restaurants we tried In 2004 summer

When we were in Bali, we spent most of our time in Nusa Dua so we have tried many restaurants in Nusa Dua, including hotel restaurants there. 

Nusa Dua:

In Nusa Dua, there are three major areas where you can find food:

  1. Galleria Nusa Dua
  2. Bualu Village
  3. Hotel restaurants along the beach (if you are staying in one of these hotels it's even easier)


We had a day trip to the Kintamani volcano.  Ten years ago, there were only one restaurant.  But now it has about a dozen!  It was a very long trip to get there - two and a half hour from Nusa Dua to Kintamani!  You should get there before noon as the tour guide said that it would be misty in the afternoon and you won't be able to see a thing.


Every time we go to Bali we visit Lotus Cafe in Ubud.  Partly because we want to go somewhere else and partly because Lotus Cafe is really famous.  Again, ten years ago, there was only one Lotus Cafe.  But now there are branches in different areas of Bali.

Food in Lotus Cafe was slightly disappointing this time.  The satay I ordered was not even as good as the one in Buala Village.  They use lean pork which is not the best choice for making satay - dry and no meat flavour.  Surprisingly this is the only place where I can get tangerine juice - similar to orange juice but sweeter.



Here is a list of Bali restaurants and cafe that we have visited.



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