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My Bali Holidays in 2006 

  ok.  We have a new baby and we haven't been to anywhere since I was pregnant.  We want to go somewhere for holiday but we want it easy.  So we have decided to go back to Bali where we know best.

One challenge this time is that, we have to look for a family room from hotel.  Me and my husband, a 9 year old and an infant somehow takes up lots of space in a hotel room.  Imagine you need an extra bed for the kid and a cot for the baby.  You can't even turn around in the room.  Therefore we look around for family suites (Yes, it costs more!  Sigh!) and we have chosen the Patra Bali Resort and Villas

Well, we've never stayed in a suite so it is really nice.  It has a lounge with dinning table and sofa such that the sofa can be opened up as sofa bed at night for the kid.  The lounge is connected to the bedroom which has a garden view.  It feels rather homey.

When we booked Patra Bali Resort & Villas, we knew that it's very close to the international airport.  That worried us.  But it turns out fine.  When you lie beside the hotel swimming pool, you can see the airplanes take off and land, but you somehow can't hear them which is good.

We spent 4 days in Patra Bali and then moved to Bali Grand Hyatt, our old favourite.  It's a bit disappointing this time though because for the same type of club room we had before, they have modernized it.  It has lost the Balinese flavor!

Second disappointment is that the sea life at the rock pools on the beach when the tide goes out has disappeared.  I presume it's all us human's fault.  Too many tourists tread on the corals and disturb the nature.


Location-wise, Patra Bali Resort is better than those hotels in Nusa Dua especially if you want to go out and do things every day.




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