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My Bali Holidays in 2004 


Our Bali trip in this summer didn't start terribly smoothly.  First, we were told we would need a visa.  Then the hotel room is not the type we want.  We spent the whole afternoon to fix it up!

Visa to Bali

When we arrived at our airport, we were told by the check-in staff that we all need a visa we never need one in the past), though we can apply on arrival.  When we arrived Bali, there were long queues in the immigration department, many queues.  There were a few shorter ones that lead to a different looking booth.  There, it told you how much to pay for your visa.  Do have some US dollars with you coz the exchange rate is not the best there.   Then you have to find another queue that takes you to the immigration officers.  We spent slightly more than an hour in the immigration.  So, if you travel with children, maybe you want to consider applying for a visa in your local country.

Go to the hotel

Going to the hotel is pretty easy.  It takes about 15 to 20 minutes on car.  If transfer is included in your package, then it's fine.  Otherwise, like us, we got a taxi from the airport.  When you leave the airport, turn right until you see the sign for "taxi service".  There are set price in the ticket kiosk about the fee per taxi to different areas.  It costs us 55,000 Rupiah to Nusa Dua.

Arrive at the Grand Hyatt

Our taxi drove for about 15 minutes and then we suddenly noticed the environment looked very different.  First, there was this big roundabout with a big statue in the middle.  Then our taxi passed a typical Balinese gate (a stone carved right angled triangle on each side of the road)  You know you had arrived Nusa Dua.  It is said that Nusa Dua was nothing like now.  See Nusa Dua history here.

Fixed price taxi service outside Denpasar airport   ATM machine outside airport.  Draw some money before you get a taxi.

What did we do in Bali? 

Well, we spent most of our time:

  • swimming in Grand Hyatt's nice swimming pools
  • eating good food in various restaurants
  • shopping in Bali is so different from other places
  • day tours
  • Bali hotel tour (yes, I know you think we are crazy. We just thought we could check if there is any other nice hotels we can stay next time!)

Pictures of Bali here.


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