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My Bali Holidays in 2003  

  We went to Bali in end of March which the rainy season hasn't "officially" finished so there is still a bit of rain.  We decided to go to Bali because it is cheap.  There was a bombing in Bali in 2002 and that scares off a lot of tourists.  Meanwhile there was SARS around this year and people rather not to go to any public places like airplanes.  All these hit the Indonesian tourism a lot and so there were many good deals around to beg people to go to Indonesia.

We've booked a garden view superior room in Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua.  This was the first time I've been to Grand Hyatt in Bali.  The hotel was very quiet and it was raining slightly.  The hotel receptionist offered to upgrade us to their Grand Club at no extra costs.  I think they are trying to promote their club plus the hotel was probably half empty so they don't mind let you try the good stuff and hope that you will like it and come back.  And we do like it and we did go back in 2004.

While I was waiting for my husband to check in, I was sitting in the Grand Club lounge which is next to a pond.  The whole lounge was actually raised from the pond so when I turned round, I saw a heron stand still right behind my chair next to the pond.  It took me a while to decide that it's real and not a statue!

The Grand Club room is wonderful.  It's very spacious and it allows you to convert one of the seating arrangement near the balcony to a proper bed for my 7-year old.  He doesn't have to sleep in a sofa or have an extra bed in the room and takes up lots of space.  It will make a good family room.

The wild life here is not limited to herons.  During breakfast, one of our live entertainment is to watch the heron stand by the pond and wait for fish.  It would stand very still for quite a long time and then it suddenly pecked into the water and next second it was trying to swallow a big fish into its throat.

There are ducks around the pond and sometimes you will even see them have a stroll on the garden lawn.

If you don't like lizard, however, you probably shouldn't look around the lawn or pond too much or you will find a 2 foot long lizard sunbathing itself in the hotel garden or have a swim in the pond.


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