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Sanur in Bali 


Sanur was very quiet before the 50s. 

One famous story happened in Sanur is about the Belgium artist Le Mayeur married an attractive Legong dance Ni Polok and lived in Sanur in 1932.  Le Mayeur lived in Sanur for more than 20 years until he died.  The couple had a big art collection and Pandy's Art Gallery was once a private gallery.  It's not until both Le Mayeur and Ni Polok died then the government took over and it became nowadays' Le Mayeur Museum.

In the 50s, the government was aware of the potential of the beautiful sea view of Sanur and plans were set to start building large scale hotel resorts.  Some small cottages were first built along the seaside of Sanur for travellers. 

In 1966, the Hotel Sanur Beach (now Grand Bali Beach hotel) was built - the first 5-star hotel in Bali!  Bali Hyatt, Sanur Beach hotel and many others followed.   You can imagine the hotel facilities are such a shock for the locals - multi-storey buildings, electricity, water supply and lift!

Sanur becomes even more famous in the 70s when more and more international conferences were held there and more and more hotels and facilities were built.  So, where next?  The answer is - Nusa Dua.



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