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Nusa Dua in Bali 


Nusa Dua is located at the Bukit Peninsula, about half an hour drive to Kuta. 

Nusa Dua nowadays is plush with more than a dozen 5-star luxurious resort hotels and golf clubs. But it was nothing like that in the past. 

After the big success in Sanur in the 70s, the government was thinking where else can they develop another resort area.  In fact, both Kuta and Sanur are getting too crowded.  Then, they chose Nusa Dua.

Nusa Dua was a small village and had nothing.  I read that the beautiful fine sand beach in Nusa Dua was man-made.  I don't know how because there were lots of coral outside the Grand Hyatt hotel I stayed in.  You can't migrate corals or grow coral in 20 years, I think?!

Anyway, in 1980, the first hotel in Nusa Dua - Hotel Bualu started, but it wasn't part of the resort complex plan.  It's not until 4 years later, the government, the World Bank plus developers got all the capital and resources to start building this paradise. 

Yes, I will call it paradise because once you pass the welcoming gate to Nusa Dua, the world has changed.  Good, clean roads with lawn pavements, bicycle tracks, stone statues and neat coconut trees along the roadside.    Over a dozen 5-star luxurious resort hotels were built and they were all along this long stretch man-made-or-not beautiful beach.

I call Nusa Dua paradise also because you have to be happy to stay in this paradise - relax by the swimming pool or beach  If you like to go out and explore, then Nusa Dua is too far away from anything.  It's 30 minutes drive to Kuta, a bit more than an hour to Ubud, the centre of art, and it's 2.5 hours to the Kintamani volcano.

Just opposite to the Grand Hyatt, there is a complex called Galleria which has restaurants, supermarket and shops.  It was probably very busy once because even in Easter 2003 (a few months after the bomb attack and the SARS disease was everywhere), there were many restaurants, shops and big department store in Galleria.  It was quite quiet but the restaurants were trying.  This year (July 2004), middle of summer vacation, the Galleria was dead.  Most shops were closed down. There were about half dozen restaurants left   We went to a restaurant in Bualu village and found out why.  The restaurant owner told us that he used to run a restaurant in Galleria but the rent is too high.  High rent means more expensive dishes, which means not so attractive.  Not to mention there is a big decrease of tourists to Bali after the bomb.  Bualu village becomes a comparative cheaper option to Galleria.  See my Eating in Bali section.



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