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Different Areas in Bali 

  • Central Bali
    • Ubud
  • Eastern Bali
    • Klungkung
    • Kherta (floating palace) and Ghosa (court)
    • Pura Besakih - It's THE temple of Bali which is made of 30 temples and is for worshipping the sacred Agung mountain
    • Goa Lawah -Bat cave with Goa Puri temple
    • Padangbai - it's a beach plus diving area.  Also the main pier to Lombok island
    • Tenganan - a local village, famous for Kamben Gringsing (a special fabric that takes 8 years to dye and 5 years to weave)
    • Puri Agung Karangasem - palace
    • Candi Dasa Beach - Lotus Seaview restaurant is around.
  • Southern Bali
  • Western Bali
  • Northern Bali


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