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Bali Holiday Pictures 2004    

  Although many hotels in Nusa Dua are built along the beach, Grand Hyatt Resort Bali seems to have the biggest share of the beach.  Some other hotels have a really small area for swimming and they are right next to other hotels' share of the beach so it feels rather crowded.

What's best here is that this share of beach of Grand Hyatt has a lot of sea life when the tide is out.  Many people, including us enjoy walking on the sea bed and look at the rock pools for all kinds of sea creatures.  Though we have to be careful coz when the tide comes in it can be quite fast.

bali20040726c 030.jpg
Andaman sea
bali20040726c 035.jpg
sea life
bali20040728b 056.jpg
cactus hanging from
the rock at the
far end of the coast
bali20040728b 106.jpg
walking on rocks
and corel
bali20040728b 114.jpg

bali20040729a 080.jpg
people looking at
sea life in rock pools
bali200407301a 006.jpg

bali200407301a 007.jpg
more sea creatures
bali200407301a 010.jpg
low tide
bali200407301a 057.jpg
sea slug in
swallow water
bali200407301a 070.jpg
when the tides come
in, it slashes on
these rocks and it's
really high.
bali20040801b 180.jpg
enjoying the nature

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