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My latest Bali holiday (2006 summer) 


It's summer again and this time we have a 5-month old baby as well as a 9 year old so the holiday has to be easy and relaxing.  We haven't realized how difficult it can be to look for a family room.  It turns out Patra Bali Resort & Villas is a good choice.

We also went back to Bali Grand Hyatt though it's quite a big disappointment.

[Details and pictures of my Bali holiday in 2006]

My first Bali holiday (1994)

My first trip to Bali was 10 years ago.  I was so amazed to see that there are temples everywhere and every household seems to have their own  shrine in the backyard with pretty flowers and offerings.   Bali culture is everywhere, you don't have to hunt around.

We didn't book a hotel in advance and it turned out to be a big mistake.  We arrived at the Denpasar airport and I think we either turn to the tourism association or some miscellaneous hotel reservation desk at the airport and chose our first hotel.  Mistake number two is that, we thought we may not like the hotel so we only reserved for 3 nights.  The hotel we stayed in was full so we have to find somewhere else for the rest of the journey and it was difficult.  We turned to a local travel agent in Kuta.  He called around the hotels for us and at last he found something and drove us there.  At last we were settled but it isn't worth wasting half day to hunt for somewhere to stay.

[Details and pictures of my first Bali holiday in 1994]

My second Bali holiday (2003 before Easter)

It's a long time since our last visit to Bali.  The motivation for this trip is that Cathay Pacific's hotel and flight package is unbelievably cheap. 

There are two main reasons for the low price:

  1. Bali had a bomb attack in 2002 and many governments are warning their citizens not to visit Bali plus people are worried.
  2. There is SARS disease in Hong Kong and nobody is going anywhere.  The whole tourism industry is dead.  Our flight to Bali was less than half full.

Our package includes a garden view superior room at the Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua in Bali.  One of the deal is to upgrade our accommodation to the next level so we were offered a garden view room at the Grand Club.  It was nice!

[Details and pictures of my second Bali holiday in 2003]

My third Bali holiday (2004 summer)

We wanted to go on holiday during summer vacation but it's rainy season for most Asian countries, except Indonesia.   Phuket was cheap to go because of the rainy season but we decided it isn't worth risking when what we were looking for is sunshine, beach and relaxation.

Small problem occurred when we checked in our flight.  We were told that we would need a visa to Bali (we never need a visa before) though we can get it on arrival (see visa on arrival)  That's how we spent the first hour in Bali!

Grand Hyatt's promotion was successful last year.   Last year, we booked a garden view superior room with our package but they upgraded us to the Grand Club.  The Grand Club in Grand Hyatt is so much nicer than the ordinary rooms that we have decided to book the Grand Club this time. 

We found that there are easily 10 hotels on the beach next to the Grand Hyatt and they are all accessible through the beach.  As we are getting more and more picky about our hotel accommodation, we have decided to visit these hotels and check the facilities and environment.  Maybe we can find one that's even better than the Grand Hyatt!  Here is  a list of hotels in Bali that we have visited.

[Details and pictures of my latest Bali holiday in 2004]


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